Buying a Fragrance?

Are you looking to buy a fragrance? Here you can understand a basic difference between a Perfume, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette, Cologne, and Testers?

If you are new to fragrance market and looking to impress, did you even realize how confused you get in a mall after looking at so many different brands and fragrances. My personal experience is getting overwhelmed and leaving the decision for another day. In layman language a fragrance has 3 notes (top,middle and bottom notes) apart from that they are made up of number of scents which makes it even more confusing . To make your shopping experience even more exciting after you have made a decision on what scent to choose from now you need to make a choice between perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette or cologne?

What is the difference between these four types of fragrances?

Solvents are made up of concentrations from different compounds and fragrances are no different. Perfume, eau de parfum, eau de toilette or cologne all have aromatic compound. It is the concentration of these compounds that makes it different from each other meaning what is the fragrance level in the formula in each of them?  

For the scent to last longer on the skin it should it depend on how much actual concentrate of perfume the product contains.

Let us study each of the categories individually:


Perfumes are the most expensive and they are sold in smaller bottles of 1oz or less. Perfumes have the most concentrated formula and have an aromatic compound in the ratio of 15 to 30%. Perfumes last longer on your skin due to high percentage of aromatic compounds.

Eau de Parfum

Eau de parfum, also known as eau de perfume, has 10% to 15% of aromatic compound. It is the most popular of the four fragrances and has second highest concentration of aromatic compound after perfumes.

Eau de Toilette

Eau de toilette is another popular choice containing 5-20% aromatic compounds. Eau de toilette is less expensive than the top 2 formulations, and the scent does not last long when applied to the skin.

Cologne, or Eau de Cologne

A German product Eau de Cologne is mistaken for aftershave most of the time. In today’s world Eau de Cologne stands for a product class which has a concentration range 2 to 5 percentage of aromatic compounds. The fragrances that fall under the Cologne category cater to both men and women.

Aftershave Lotions

The aftershave category is a mixture of antiseptic agent, moisturizer and a less concentration of perfume to create a nice aroma. Aftershaves also come in the form of lotions, gels and or liquids

Tester Is a Big Money Saver

If you are looking for just the perfume and are not looking to get a fancy box the Testers is the right choice. Testers are huge money savers and do not come with those fancy boxes. 100% authentic, testers are fresh and completely full just like the original fragrance, they are generally meant for counters on department stores. Testers are meant to keep the cost down and like the word only meant to check if you like the perfume or not. The packaging is very simple sometimes in a plain white box or without a cap even. In other words you only pay for the fragrances and not the bells and whistles that come along.

Important Note on Use of Fragrances:

  • Bottle should be tightly sealed and stored in cool and dry places.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight or any heat source.
  • Once you have an open bottle try storing it in a box for best results.
  • 3 years a normal life span of a fragrance from the date of manufacturing.