Buy Yogurt to Eat in Diet Program

Yogurt is one alternative snack that does not make you fat. However, not all yogurt types have low calorie and sugar free, even some type of yogurt can make you even fatter. It is important to note if you are having diet program or trying to keep your body weight ideal.

The Nutritionist from India Heinz Nutrition Foundation, Neelanjana Singh, explains the type of yogurt which is save to consume and which is not for your diet.

1. How much nutrition that one cup of yogurt has?

The nutrition contain in the yogurt depends on the type of milk used to make yogurt. The amount of calorie can be varied depends on the fat that is contained in milk. For example, one cup (200 gram) yogurt made from buffalo milk has 234 calorie. It is higher compare to yogurt made from cow milk which only has 134 calorie. The amount of calorie can also be different if the yogurt made from goat milk. Before choosing any yogurt product, always pay attention in the composition and the nutrition information on the package of product.

2. Recommendation of fat intake and dairy product consumption in a day

Just because labelled low fat, sugar, and calorie, does not mean you can consume yogurt as much as you want. You must still pay attention on the number of calorie you need in a day and adjust it with what you eat. For adult, it is recommended to consume dairy product 150 ml per day minimum. However, the needs to be higher for pregnant woman and children which is in infancy rate. Therefore, you should pay attention of how many dairy product that you have consumed in a day, such as ice cream, cheese, milkshake, etc.

3. Processed yogurt, is it still healthy?

The benefit of yogurt is better before undergo a lot of  process. Yogurt which has undergone too many process (flavor adding, structure changing, etc) will loose the important elements which are good for health, especially in the development of good bacteria. Important component such as protein and mineral will also change if the yogurt has undergone too many step of process. It is better to buy pure plain yogurt in a bottle or choose home made yogurt.