Yeast Infections –Men are not immune to women problems

Yes, men are not immune to yeast infections and like women they can get it too. The most common yeast or fungal infection is “Candida albicans.” having over 45000 cases reported in United States alone. This infection is found in the moist areas of the skin. Treating this yeast infection is easy but creates an uncomfortable feeling and fortunately, it is not life threatening. To detect yeast infection in early stages men need to know following snippets:

For Men – Keep a Look Out for These Common Signs and Signals

• Red is a color for women and if you have too much “red” on your penis head this might be the first sign.
• Do you have pain or does the head of your penis burn or itch, if yes then another possible reason for yeast infection.
• Urination is uncomfortable.
• Sex – gets uncomfortable
• Finally a white substance is getting collected in penis folds.

A very common question people ask is if jock itch and yeast infection is same thing?

The answer is NO. Fungal infection is a reason for jock itch but, it is an itchy rash affecting the skin around your groin, some of the other body parts will be inner thighs, anus, and possibly your genitals.

Factors that might bump up your chances of getting yeast infection

• Antibiotics – Boon or Bane?

Antibiotics love to kill bacteria in human body, but the downside, they kill all kinds of bacteria be it good or bad. Excessive use of antibiotics helps yeast take over your body causing their overgrowth.

• Diseases effecting your immunity –

Diseases like diabetes or HIV which end up compromising your immunity, increases the risk of developing yeast infection in your body.

• Hygiene – Do I need to say more?

Not only your whole body but the penis should stay very clean especially the head and the folds. Men who are not circumcised please pay extra attention to cleansing, percentage of yeast infecting you is greater than men who have circumcised.

• Sex with a partner with a yeast infection –

It is a known fact women tend to develop vaginal yeast infections, because of over use of antibiotics, pregnancy, or while going through a hormone treatment. As such, percentage of infection passed to their male counterparts during an intercourse is high.

After reading above Snippets do you suspect you are a case for yeast infection?

If yes it is time for you to see your doctor, rule out any sexually transmitted diseases or infections especially if this happened for the first time, or other causes for the symptoms you are experiencing.

If you are a case for yeast infection how to treat it?

Anti-fungal medication is available to treat the yeast. Depending on how severe your case is physician, may recommend a cream which is directly applied to the penis or a capsule/ tablet taken orally.
Your partner needs equal treatment so that the infection does not come back or gets transmitted again. Prevention is better than cure.

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