Wireless Containment System – By PetSafe a peace of mind.

The Petsafe Wireless Containment System provides an effective solution to the problem of how to give your pet the freedom to run off the leash, whilst keeping him safely within a designated area. Forget traditional fencing or complicated underground wiring systems this system creates an invisible boundary to help prevent your pet from straying into danger, or from the risk of getting lost.
This System works by means of a small transmitter, located within your house, it sends a signal to a lightweight, battery-operated receiver collar, worn around your pet’s neck.  Usually, the complete set-up of the unit should take around an hour, but if you find any problems the instruction manual will help you achieve what you are looking for.
Once the transmitter unit is plugged in, it will begin to emit a continuous radio signal to cover an adjustable range of up to a 90 feet radius of the unit.

Before you start training your pet physical boundaries need to be defined. To mark these boundaries the kit contains flags which can be posted as a visual prompt for your pet. This helps your dog or your cat to get accustomed to the new system.

Next step is to activate the receiver collar and adjust it accordingly around the neck of your pet. Make sure the contact points on the collar should touch the pet’s neck.

If your pet approaches the pre-set boundary zone, the collar will give a sharp beep to alert him or her  so that they should not proceed any further.  If this noise does not prompt them to return to the safe area, a static correction will be delivered via the contact points on the collar, which will continue until the dog is prompted to turn back to safety.  This method of correction which will startle, rather than cause pain should quickly teach the pet that to approach the flags will result in an undesirable consequence, and prevent him from repeating the action.
Of course, not all pets are created equal, and as such, the level of the static correction can be adjusted according to the temperament of the pet in question.  For example, a timid pet will most likely require a much lesser level of correction than a high-energy pet.  Its best to start on a low level, and if that does not seem to be eliciting the desired results, then try the next setting.
Incidentally, it should be noted that the system is designed to contain pets with a weight of over eight pounds, and of an age of six months or older.  The pet collar is designed to fit any pet with a neck size ranging between 6 to 28 inches.
This is a great system, but its imperative not to underestimate the importance of thorough training.  In order for complete success to be achieved with the Petsafe Wireless Containment System, its crucial that your pet is trained to observe the boundaries which have been set.  To cover this, the system comes complete with an extremely comprehensive training guide to ensure that your pet is fully equipped to safely roam, and remain, within the safe area.
Pets respond to training in different ways some will pick it up very quickly, others less so.  Patience, kindness and persistence are necessary to achieve the best results while training your pet you use this system.
Some add on feature of this Petsafe Wireless Containment System is that its completely portable, and it can be easily packed and taken on vacation.  The receiver collar is waterproof, and can be used on beaches or camping sites.

The satisfaction level of customers who have bought this system is very high but few things that you need to bear in mind based on feedback from a few customers:

  • Occasionally the pre-set boundaries move which can be an issue for some people.
  • Some pets get familiar with the static correction on their collar and start to wander outside the boundary set by the system. In such cases, the settings have to be readjusted from time to time.

Petsafe Wireless Containment System kit Contains:

  • includes a wall-mounted transmitter and an AC adapter
  • A waterproof receiver collar
  • boundary marker flags
  • an extra battery for the collar
  • an instruction and training manual.

With five levels of static correction, and an easily adjustable electronic signal, the system will help to teach your pet to keep within a safe boundary in no time at all.
The Petsafe Wireless Containment System can deliver safety for your pet, and peace of mind for you.  The radius can be reduced to 5 feet depending on your requirements