Does Cutting Diet Helps In Weight Control


Are you trying to lose weight by eating only one meal a day?

Symptons :

Are you getting headaches and feeling dizzy.

Question :

What can I do to not feel ill?

Our body gets the calories and nutrients it needs to function normally from the food we eat. When this does not happen, the body reacts in various ways. Often you get headaches and dizziness. You can become tired easily when you perform tasks you could do without any trouble before. What you need to do if this happens is change your diet plan. Yes, you need to cut down your intake of the foods you eat too much of. You also need to make sure you eat food throughout the day. Don’t skip any meals. Prepare your food in a healthy way. Do not use too much fat or sugar. Be sure the amounts you serve yourself are moderate. You will lose weight without suffering any ill effects. You will also be able to start doing the exercises that will help you reach your goal faster.

Some Snippets:

  • Remember to loose weight you need to drink lot of water.
  • Go on a fiber based diet.
  • Cut down calories and increase intake of proteins.
  • Exercise smart ( This is a whole topic in itself)
  • Walk smart