Triathlon Bike – Snippets to consider before making a decision.

While participating in a triathlon takes hours upon hours of endurance and strength training, it also requires a high performance triathlon bike.  With several of manufacturers to choose from with various features, the choice of the right tri bike can be a difficult one.  Because these bikes are specialized in design and function, they carry a hefty price tag.  When considering such a large investment consumers should make sure they make an educated decision and read reviews and specifications of a variety of performance bikes.  The Fuji Aloha 2.0 has several benefits is performed amongst triathlon participants for many reasons including its aerodynamic and lightweight design.

Fuji Bikes is an American bike distributor of internationally manufactured performance bikes.  With their logo representing the Japanese symbol for strength and endurance, it is no surprise that they are a top choice amongst athletes all across the world.  While they have launched a variety of road, mountain and performance bikes, they are most widely known for their line of triathlon bikes entitled the Aloha series.  Most recently released, the Fuji Aloha 2.0 2010 has advanced features and technology to add speed and distance to your competition.

While the 2010 2.0 Aloha retails for mid 1000’s, what comes under the chassis is well worth the monetary value, another brand to consider are the kestrel bikes but that is a story for another day.  Constructed of a Fuji Altair 2 frame and alloy aerobar, competitors can take off in a quick split and maintain ultimate aerodynamic positioning.  With the wind-cheating quality of the custom frame and bonded aero carbon fork to eliminate the slowing vibrations from the road or trail, it is guaranteed t give you a stellar ride.

Sporting a Shimano 18-speed drive train, the 2.0 puts ease in shifting on hills as well as flat surfaces at your fingertips.  The handle bar is placed perfectly for comfort and coupled with the carbon seat-post who says you cannot combine both comfort and enhanced speed into one tri bike.  Beneath the frame are two Kenda Kontender tires that grip any terrain and offer exceptional handling on turns and straightaway.  Throw in the Fuji CGC Aero Rims, which offer styling and speed and you have the ultimate construction.

Make a wise investment and purchase a triathlon bike that is reliable and offers unmatched performance.  While you must have the skill and endurance necessary to win the race, coupling your skill with this fine piece of equipment will ensure you the best in training and results.  Do your research and make a wise selection. ?