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At one time or another the majority of people will have had a Nokia mobile phone and it’s great to see that they are making great strides forward with their new range of Windows powered smartphones. are delighted that the wonderfully stylish new Nokia Lumia 800 is currently available and the more affordable Nokia Lumia 710 range will soon be available.

The Nokia Lumia 800 although the more expensive model, is ideal for the person who wants to be noticed as having the most desirable and advanced features including Internet Explorer 9 and one-touch access to social networks. Of course it also has all the usual features that you would expect from Nokia including its 3.7 inch AMOLED display which makes the colours sharp and clear. Brand new in the UK during November 2011 this is the phone to impress friends and family.

Everyone choosing a mobile phone has their own preferences as to the most important features for them and the Nokia Lumia 710, which will be available in the UK shortly, whilst a more affordable option than the Nokia Lumia 800, will appeal to many people because of its no-nonsense approach. Available in a choice of black or white, there are options for changing the colour of the back cover. Internet Explorer 9 will be ready for instant surfing. has a huge range of the current models from Nokia including the Nokia X7 in Light Steel which has an 8 megapixel camera and a Qwerty on-screen keyboard. Another alternative which is presently very popular is the Nokia X3-02 and not only because of the brilliant pink colour – although that does help! It’s a slim phone with a 2.4 inch touch screen and gives a really quick and easy way to the social networks.

Another Nokia phone available from is the C3-01 which is a really solid phone in silver. It has a 2.4 inch touch screen and a five megapixel camera with flash. This is a no-nonsense phone which gets on with the job brilliantly.

Nokia has developed a fantastic new range of smart phones brand new to the market. With the Nokia Lumia 800 already on sale and the Nokia Lumia 710 shortly available this is good news for every customer who enjoys using a Nokia mobile phone.

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