Girl Sports – Tennis, Soccer and Softball

Children at school during a dribble of tennis

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With all of the social pressures these days, it can often be difficult for teenage girls to find their place in their school or within a circle of friends. Sports help instill fitness and individuality. It is so important for teen girls to strive be the best they can be. There are three great sports that are best for promoting fitness in teen girls.

  • The first sport that is really great for teen girls is soccer. It is a bit different than what most teenage girls are doing and it can be a blast. When teen girls join a soccer team they learn how to be a part of a team, get fit and have a great time learning to play the game. There are school competitions and community competitions where girls can learn to be competitive and have team spirit.
  •  Another amazing sport for teen girls to play is softball. Softball can get the girls running and playing as a team. Besides learning the rules of the game, they can improve their skills. They learn the importance of playing your best for a team and how to encourage each other.
  • Playing tennis can be an excellent sport for teen girls. Learning how to hold a tennis racket, hit the tennis ball and how to move around the court are just the beginning. It can help build confidence and coordination. Tennis lessons may not be offered in a school setting but most community centers offer lessons and competitions for amateurs and for those who have gained proficiency.

Playing sports is not only fun for girls, it teaches them sportsmanship, teamwork, how to be a gracious winner and a polite loser.