Did you know? Useful tips on walking

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Walking has been a boon for human kind since ages. I remember my parents always reminding me about those first steps I took as a toddler. Walking I believe is the first true exercise which comes to us humans by default. I remember I used to run a lot as a kid and not only me all the kids in our neighbourhood loved outdoor activates. All our evenings we would try invent games which would involve running and walking.

Since the turn of the 21th century walking is slowly becoming a thing of past. Most of us now drive, even for the smallest of needs we take our four wheelers out for a spin endangering the environment and also our health. Even children of this age spend more time inside and in front of computers and ipod’s then playing outside. Toys such as self-balancing smart scooters are getting so much more attraction then required. Fresh air and walking is one thing that I will always promote so some snippets on how to walk smart are below:

  1. Early morning walk help in clearing your mind and it oxygenates you. In school we studied that at night time plants breath in carbon dioxide and breath out Oxygen which is good for humans. So go out early in the morning and take your puff to rejuvenate yourself for the day.
  2. Leisure walking with your better half in a mall not only helps in building a relationship it also can help you to kill a hot afternoon and build your bon appetite for a good dinner.
  3. Fast walking when you grow older is better than running. It helps in keeping your body joints moving and it also keeps your heart younger by pumping more blood through your veins.
  4. A clear morning while walking can give your clear thoughts which can help you to get ready for the day ahead. A positive attitude and energy to survive whole day in this fast moving century is a must.
  5. Weight control, keeping healthy and a sound sleep are 3 things which are important outcomes of a daily walk.

Our body is our first temple and walking is one of the steps to keep it clean.