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It’s a really good time to check out the new special offer from as this current deal is particularly great at this time of the year. This superb offer includes Sky TV, Unlimited Broadband, Line Rental and Calls.
There are lots of additional extras though incorporated within this super package; for instance two months FREE TRIAL of their Movie Package for all new customers. Other extras include a FREE Sky+ box and a £100 Marks and Spencer voucher – and that, of course is a great bonus!
This package is available for new customers joining before 30th November, so you’ll need to act fairly smartly, but is £27.50 per month. After the first two months if you choose to continue with the Movie package this will increase the price by £16 per month – however, if you consider it, that’s only £4 each week for a great selection of films.

When the price increases, for those who decide to keep the movie package, the cost will still be only £43.50 each month, and for that figure there are a huge number of items included. So in the deal there is Sky TV including films, free Sky+ box so that the programme timings can be altered to fit in with your own schedule and you won’t miss any more of your favourite programmes. There is also Broadband which has unlimited usage so that you don’t need to worry about how much the kids use it for researching homework etc. and how much it will cost every month.

Also in the package there are unlimited evening and weekend calls to landlines throughout the UK. That means that every weekend, you can spend hours talking to the friend who moved out of the area. Not having to worry about the cost means that the family are able to keep in touch over their landlines, so that you can hear their voices, rather than just sending emails. The only additional charge is the cost of the line rental each month. is a wonderful package which is ideal for everyone. Check it out while it is still available.

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