If you have purchased a television in the last 2 or 3 years the likelihood is it is a new slim type LCD or Plasma one that will turn your room into a mini cinema. Some of these TV screens are so big you have to go to the end of the garden to watch them. All jokes aside this advance in television technology has brought a whole new television experience to our front rooms. There are several companies offering HD viewing but at the forefront you will find Sky at

Sky is currently offering any new customer who joins them a brand new Sky+HD box and installation. If you are an existing Sky+ customer you will have to self install the box to qualify for the offer. As an added bonus Sky will give you £25.00 worth of M&S vouchers. At you will find the latest offers from Sky.

The letters HD stand for High Definition and it is a relatively new concept for TV viewing in our homes. As the term definition infers the viewer actually sees a clearer picture because the resolution of the pixels, the little dots that make up picture, is far greater than standard TV; around 5 times as many.

After the initial satellite installation, for those who have never had a satellite dish before, it is just a case of connecting the TV and the HD box together with a HDTV cable and you are done. Some customers tune in to HDTV for the first time and cannot seem to see the improvement and only realise how much better HD is when they go back to their non-HD channels. You will find that most of this type of TV are manufactured HD ready; so they are just perfect for connecting to a Sky HD box.

This offer from Sky is a limited time offer with your new HD box having to be activated by the 21st December 2011 to qualify for your M&S vouchers so go straight to to sign up and ensure you get your added bonus.

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