Choosing a Outdoor Rabbit Hutch, How Important it is for your Pet?

If you are considering the purchase of an outdoor rabbit hutch, you will want to make sure that you choose the best possible model to ensure your rabbits comfort, safety and well-being. As a minimum requirement, here are a few attributes to look for when shopping for an outdoor rabbit hutch.
• A strong, secure, well-ventilated and well-made outdoor rabbit hutch is what you’ll need to keep your rabbit safe, and well protected against the elements. A non-toxic and weatherproof wood stain is also essential.
• Make sure that the size of the hutch is large enough to give your rabbit the space he needs to exercise, move around easily and comfortably, stretch out and stand up on his hind legs. As a general rule, an outdoor rabbit hutch which is four times the size of your pet should be adequate, but to be sure, bear the following criteria in mind when it comes to sizing;

How to Correctly Size Your Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

An outdoor rabbit hutch should be long enough to enable your rabbit to comfortably hop four times in one direction. It should be wide enough to enable him to turn around easily, and to allow him to stretch out to his full length from nose to toe. The hutch should be high enough to allow your rabbit to stand up straight on his hind legs this is how a rabbit checks the safety of his environment. He should be able to do this comfortably, without being stooped over, or his ears being folded up against the roof.
It is very important that the outdoor rabbit hutch you choose is sized correctly for your pet, else it can have an adverse effect on his health. Housing your rabbit in a hutch which is too cramped will ultimately result in him developing joint, spine and muscle problems, as well as becoming overweight due to insufficient exercise.
With a lot of competition for rabbit cages on the market, deciding which one is suitable for your pet is not an easy decision to make. Keeping this in mind, we hope that the following reviews will help you choose the correct cage for your rabbit.
Ware Premium Outdoor Rabbit Cages
You can rest assured that an outdoor rabbit hutch from the Ware Premium range will be constructed from high quality materials, and designed with the safety and comfort of your pet in mind. With a variety of models to choose from, each Ware Premium outdoor rabbit hutch can be easily assembled at home, and features high quality and non-toxic materials during the manufacturing process.
Top-opening, waterproof, asphalt shingled roofs allow easy access when checking on your pet, changing his bedding, or cleaning the hutch are great features which any rabbit owner will appreciate. Based on your budget and features you are looking for in a rabbit hutch a suitable model will be available from Ware premium range.

Rabbit Hutch (Single Level Rancher)

The most simple in the range, the Ware Premium + Hutch is a single-level model which features a fully-opening roof, a sliding plastic lined tray for easy cleaning, a drop-down front door which doubles up as an access and exit ramp, and a solid floor to make your rabbit feel safe and secure.


The above model can be easily fitted with a Ware Premium + Rabbit Run which is a solid wood and heavy-duty wire constructed run to increase your pets exercise area, whilst keeping him contained in a safe enclosure.


The Rabbit Penthouse

For a bigger space, the Ware Premium + Penthouse is a two-level outdoor rabbit hutch which will give your rabbit the freedom to wander from the enclosed lower pasture level, to the upper nesting area. Easy access via the hinged roof allows for easy cleaning, and the hutch features a locking door and an anti-slip ramp.


The above model can be easily fitted with the Ware Premium + Penthouse Playpen which is constructed with solid wood and heavy-duty wire panels. This extra-large pen will increase your rabbits play and exercise area and can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the Penthouse outdoor rabbit hutch.

Double Decker Rabbit Hutch

For more than one pet, the Ware Premium + Double Decker Hutch could be just what you’re looking for It combines two comfortable living spaces in one, each with its own integrated nesting box, pull-out trays and dual-access doors. This outdoor rabbit hutch will allow your pets to enjoy companionship, as well as areas to be alone when required.


Bunny Barn

The WARE Premium + Bunny Barn is a two-level outdoor rabbit hutch. The upper, partially- enclosed level is designed for resting, sleeping or nesting and the wire enclosure at the lower level is the perfect area for play and exercise. With a drop-down door which doubles up as a ramp for travelling between the levels, this hutch also features the opening roof and slide out floor panel for easy access and cleaning, as well as a lockable door for extra security.


The above model can be fitted with the WARE Premium + Bunny Barn Yard: a solid wood frame with heavy-duty wire panels for added security. This add-on enclosure will give your pet the additional space to play and exercise safely. It can also be used on its own as a free-standing pen.

Bunny Cottage

If you are looking for something completely different in an outdoor rabbit hutch, you may like to take a look at the WARE Premium + Bunny Cottage. This cottage-style outdoor rabbit hutch gives your pet the luxury of wandering between four specially designed levels, including a rooftop hideaway where he can safely retreat to when he needs a little peace and quiet. This hutch features plastic-lined floor trays to allow easy cleaning, and is constructed from Fir wood, sealed with a non-toxic, weatherproof stain.



Note for Bunny/Pet Owners: All the hutches in the Ware Premium range are recommended for dwarf rabbits, and are suitable for other pets such as guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas.

Trixie Natura Outdoor Rabbit Cages


Constructed from weatherproof, glazed, high-quality pine, many of the models in the Trixie Natura range feature extremely generous proportions, making them ideal for large, or numerous, pets.
Offering a comfortable, safe and secure haven for your animals, a Trixie Natura outdoor rabbit cage is a great living space for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and chinchillas.
Take a look around the full range to find a model to suit your requirements, but check out these reviews on selected models first.
For a basic, but safe and secure, outdoor space for your pets to play and exercise, the Trixie Natura Rabbit Hutch Enclosure could be ideal for you. With a sturdy framework of glazed and weatherproof pine, this outdoor rabbit hutch features a foldable lid to allow you access, but which will prevent your pets from escaping, as well as preventing other animals gaining entry.

Single Story Rabbit Cage

If you like the idea of an outdoor rabbit hutch which is off the ground, you may like to take a look at the Trixie Natura Single-Story Hutch. This model stands on legs, two feet above the ground, to give your pet an extra secure area in which to rest and sleep. With front and roof entry for easy access, this hutch features a pull-out plastic tub for easy cleaning, and a partially enclosed area at one end which your pet can retreat to for some undisturbed time alone.

Double Story Rabbit Cage

To give your pets a taste of luxury, the Trixie Natura XL Two-Story Rabbit cage with its outdoor run is a super-large enclosure, with private and communal spaces for multiple pets to enjoy. The seven doors, two hinged roof panels and two pull-out plastic tubs ensure that access and cleaning are quick and easy. Featuring a ramp to allow your pets access between floors, and fitted with a lockable hatch, your pets will be kept safe whether they’re resting, sleeping or exercising in the run. If you are breeding your animals, you may be interested to know that, as this model features extra stable coated metal lattice with a tight bar distance, it is particularly suitable for breeding purposes.


Suitable for housing a small group of animals, the Trixie Natura two-story Rabbit cage with large run is a raised hutch which provides a lockable, safe and secure area for your pets to retreat to for rest and sleep. The generously proportioned run is enclosed with heavy-duty wire fencing for added protection. With five doors to give you easy access to the inside of the hutch, and your pets, this model also features pull-out plastic tubs to allow for convenient cleaning. The close mesh spacing of this outdoor rabbit hutch makes it an ideal area for a mother to rear her young.
To keep your pets cozy when the temperatures drop, the Trixie Natura Insulated Two-Storey Rabbit Hutch will get the job done. Offering your pets warm and secure areas to rest or sleep, this hutch is actually two single hutches in one, the walls of which have been insulated with Styrofoam. In addition, removable plastic panes which help to prevent drafts are a great feature of this outdoor rabbit hutch, as they enhance the insulation of the interior space. Pets can be housed individually, or together, and easy access is allowed via the hinged roof or the front opening doors. To further assist cleaning, pull-out plastic tubs are a welcome feature.
The outdoor rabbit cages in the Ware Premium and Trixie Natura ranges have proved popular with buyers, and negative consumer feedback is far outweighed by comments from satisfied customers.
However, the feedback from disgruntled customers with regard to sizing should be noted, i.e.; the hutch they received is not adequately sized for their pet. To avoid a similar situation, follow the above sizing tips to make sure that your pet is correctly, and sufficiently, accommodated for.
When you’re keeping animals outside, its essential that their environment is one which will keep them safe, secure and sheltered from the elements, and an outdoor rabbit hutch is perfect for providing such a space. However, remember to take your exact requirements into account before you buy, to ensure that the hutch you end up with is the very best one for your pet.