Can Food Help Quit Smoking Naturally?

As we know that smoking is bad for your health and your lifestyle. Many people has been warned about the danger of smoking and a lot of people who are smoker are trying to stop and quit smoking. However, they find that difficult.

In this opportunity I am going to review about one natural way to help you to quit smoking or at least reduce your desire to smoke a cigarette by eat healthy food. There are some healthy food that will help you to quit smoking. If you promise to quit smoking but you cant do it. Then you can try to eat these following type of food:

Milk or Dairy Product

When you feel like to smoke, you can try to drink a glass of milk before it. Milk have a strong taste to make the taste of smoking becomes bitter. When you smoke your lips will lose its elasticity and some people say that drinking milk will help to restore the elasticity of your lips.

Carrot, Celery, and Cucumber

These type of vegetable are not just rich in nutrient. The crunchy texture from this vegetable helps you to decrease your urge to smoke. They contain matters that make a smoker to decrease their dependency of nicotine and make the taste of smoke less enjoyable.

Broccoli and Cauliflower 

Another kind of vegetable which have positive benefit for smoker and non smoker. These type of vegetable have sulforaphane which responsible to produce chemical matter that can protect your lungs from toxin. However, some expert says that the heavy amount of nicotine inside the body of a person will defeat sulforaphane so that the therapeutic effect from a broccoli and cauliflower maybe less effective for heavy smoker.

Citric Fruits

Smoking will reduces the vitamin C level in your body. That is because the nicotine absorbs ascorbic acid and make your body unhealthy. To reduce nicotine dependency you need to eat lots of fruit rich in vitamin C like orange and lemon.


Water and pectin that is contained in an apple help to remove toxins from the body. Therefore, eating apple everyday will fight the toxins caused by cigarette. The crunchy texture from an apple will also decrease your urge to smoke.

Ginger and Garlic 

The hot feel and the strong taste of a ginger and garlic will help you in detoxification from the poison gained from smoking. They also can keep your blood pressure and blood stream stable.


Honey has anti-oxidant that help cleans the toxin inside your body.


Oat has been known as a matter that can reduce nicotine dependency. Recent study in japan find that smoker who is given herbal oat extract everyday can reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke in one day almost 50%.

Those are the foods that can help you to quit smoking, but remember those food is actually only as a support for you to stop smoking. The important thing is your real intention to quit smoking.