6 Top Reasons Why Men Avoiding Seeing Their Doctors

Men tend to delay or avoid seeing their doctors, sometimes even when they know that something is not quite right. Women, on the other hand, visit their doctors regularly. Why is this so?

Here are the top reasons why men avoid the doctor:

1. For Men there’s nothing wrong –

Men like to fix things, so if nothing is broken, there is nothing to fix. The main thing to realize, however, is that men should see their doctor before something goes wrong. Men should instead look at it the same way as they do their vehicles. After all, they give their vehicles regular oil changes, because it extends the life of the motor. It is the same with a man’s body. Make sure it gets regular check-ups so that it extends its life by catching things earlier rather than later.

2. Men aren’t conditioned, at an early age, to see their doctors –

Unlike women who regularly see their doctors or penis doctors as teens or young adults for issues related to birth control, pap smears, and childbirth, men do not have the same need. Men do not experience any of these things, so it does not become part of their regular routines from a young age. Surprisingly, some men never see a doctor until they are middle age.

3. They are embarrassed –

One of the running jokes that men have to deal with is the “finger up the butt” for the assessment of the prostate. For many men, this is enough to send them running the other way. They may be fearful of the procedure itself, or they may be embarrassed of having to be so vulnerable. Sometimes, particularly for younger men, they may be embarrassed if their doctor is an attractive female who is examining them. Even buying a condom for them gets to them after a certain age and erection problem is a feeling of shame, or awkwardness. Men generally are discreet buyers especially if it comes to buying penis pumps or osbon erecaid pumps.

4. Men do not like to talk about their problems –

When men get together, they do not generally talk about their intimate health problems. Sure, they may briefly mention a sore back or a broken bone from baseball, but they are not accustomed to talking about more troubling health concerns. Women, on the other hand, are better at discussing their intimate health issues and seeking support and opinions from those around them.

5. Men do not have time to go to the doctor –

Many men do not want to take time off work, or find it difficult to find the time, to go see the doctor, as they do not want to be stuck waiting in a doctor’s office when they have important things that are waiting to be completed at work.

6. Men are scared to find out that there is something wrong with them –

If a man smokes or drinks, he may be scared to hear that he has cancer or liver disease. He also may not look forward to being lectured to give those things up. He already knows it, but just does not want to be reminded.

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