9 Ways to Improve Your Male Fertility

There comes a point in a man’s life when he decides that he is ready to become a father.  Women prepare by increasing their folic acid intake and use of other prenatal supplements.  Women also check their menstrual cycles, so that they know when they are ovulating to increase their chances of conception.  To improve success at conception, however, men play an important role too.  In fact, 1/3 of all infertility cases, are due to the man and not the woman.

In what follows, are some tips that men can use to improve their fertility levels and sperm health.

  • Avoid frequent use of hot tubs –

Occasional use is fine, but when trying to improve fertility, it is always recommended that you avoid frequent and prolonged exposure to hot water such as that found in hot tubs.

  • Do not put your laptop computer on your lap –

Although studies continue into this, avoid use of your laptop computer on your lap to prevent your testicles’ exposure to heat and radiation.

  • Keep your cell phone out of your pants pockets –

Studies have shown that cell phone radiation does cause changes in human DNA, and it seems wise not to risk potential damage to your sperm.

  • Lose weight –

If you are obese, it means increased chances of decreased libido and increased risk for erectile dysfunction.  Obesity also negatively affects the sperm count, and increases the chances for abnormal sperm.

  • Stop smoking –

It takes sperm three months to develop to the point where they are capable of being fertile.  During this time of development, if a man is smoking, it also appears to damage the genetic material found in the sperm. This then increases the chances of passing on genetically damaged DNA during conception.

  • Do not use drugs –

Illegal drugs can cut your sperm counts and may potentially harm the DNA.  In addition, legal drugs such as steroids can also cut sperm counts.

  • Pay attention to the kind of lubrication being used –

If you need lubrication, then make sure that you use one that is not damaging your sperm or affecting their motility.  This is because the pH levels of many lubricants affect the health of the sperm, and can kill them.  In addition, thicker lubricants make it harder for the sperm to swim.

If possible, avoid lube altogether by ensuring adequate time for foreplay.  However, if lubricant is still needed, “Pre-seed” is one example of a sperm-friendly lubricant.

  • Get adequate vitamins and minerals –

For sperm health, consider zinc, selenium, vitamins C and E, and lycopene.  You can either get these through the food you eat, or in a quality multivitamin/supplement.

  • Have frequent sex –

Every second day is a good goal to have.  Reduced sexual activity such as having sex once a week causes sperm motility to decrease, reducing the chances for conception.



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