Mold-What is this dark spot?

So you suspect something might be growing in your walls?  What are the telltale symptoms of house mold?  Dark discoloration is a good telltale sign of something starting up.  Another symptom of house mold is an earthy musty odour.  Another telltale sign is your health, if you have unexplained allergies and coughs that may be another sign that you have mold.  Your health could me a major symptom of house mold.  For most people who discover mold it is the health issues that clue them in.

The health issues are numerous.  There are many symptoms of house mold in regards to health. For instance problems such as:

  • Coughing or sneezing
  • Breathing issues
  • Wheezing Skin infection
  • Hay fever
  • Irritation in throat or in nose
  • Congestion from sinus
  • Eyes getting red or watery
  • Fatigue or your head starts hurting.

That is a huge list of house mold related symptoms to take into consideration.  For the unfortunate people who are extremely sensitive to the mold spores asthma attacks are a very real symptom of house mold.

There is only a few ways to absolutely kill house mold.  The main way to reduce house mold symptoms is by finding the small obvious sources of it and cleaning those sources with a diluted mixture of bleach and water.  If the material is a soft porous material it needs to be replaced or the mold will return.  In other cases entire walls and floors have to be entirely removed and replaced.

If the symptoms of house mold are so severe that they are affecting your health it is definitely time to have professionals intervene and have the house mold symptoms investigated thoroughly and taken care of professionally.  Recently tests have been released so that consumers can test mold patches for the types of mold and such.

There kits are fine but to have an air quality test done and a thorough analysis of your home may be the better choice in regards to your overall well being.  However by informing yourself of the potential signs and house mold symptoms early on you may be able to avoid serious damage to both the interior of your body and the interior of your home.  Practice good cleanup after utilizing lots of water in areas where moisture has a tendency to want to pool or collect and make sure that airflow is adequate and well maintained in your attics and crawl spaces.

Prevention is the first step in reducing symptoms of house mold and keeping house mold at bay altogether. One of the products available in market is below :

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