Easyjet.com have for many years been famous for low prices. They cut all the extra frills and concentrated on the things that really matter, getting on holiday for a low price. This made them on the UK’s most favourite airlines. Now you can get a value holiday from Easyjet. It is an obvious step for Easyjet to start offering holidays; they provide the flights so why not provide the hotels at the other end?Holidays.easyjet.com If you book with Easyjet holidays you get quite a few benefits. For example, they have over 100,000 hotels around the world to choose from. Plus you never need to worry if the company goes bust because your holiday is full insured, you will be 100% protected by the IPP (International Passenger Protection) . Also they only ask for a low deposit of just £50 per person, and the balance is only required four weeks prior to leaving, not the normally 12 weeks that most holiday companies ask for. But best of all if the low, low prices. They have both summer and winter holidays, with summer prices from just £109 per person and winter deals from only £125. They offer both beach holidays to places like Crete, Kos, Ibiza, Cyprus, etc. Or if you prefer they offer city breaks to Madrid, Amsterdam, and Rome, plus many more at Holidays.easyjet.com .

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