Manscaping: Hair Removal Options for Men

For decades, women in many parts of the world have been removing hair or reducing its appearance on their bodies.  Like women, more and more men are now opting for hair removal.  Gone are the decades of the 70’s and 80’s when chest hair ruled.  Research shows that a higher percentage of today’s women prefer less widespread hair on a guy, although there does exist some cross-cultural differences.

Here are some tips:

  • Start with your face, ears, nostrils, and eyebrows –

 Forget the Duck Dynasty type of beards.  Instead, be sure to invest in a good razor so that you can achieve a clean-shaven look.  A few days worth of stubble is often considered attractive by women, but not the whole beard that hides your face.

Long-time manufacturer, Remington, has ear and nose trimmers and with advancement of technology a line of new products have taken the markets by storm.  You can find these in the personal care products portion of any online pharmacy, or can even be ordered online.  You can even get your ears waxed, or do it yourself.  If you plan to do it yourself, one type of wax to consider is Parissa Strip-Free Hot Wax.

As for eyebrows, if you have a unibrow, either shave, tweeze, or wax (do it yourself or see an esthetician) to create two distinct eyebrows.  More men are opting for eyebrow threading.  Most salons and estheticians offer this service.  If you have unruly long eyebrow hairs, also be sure to trim them with scissors or use a braun series shavers .

  • Clean your chest, back and shoulders, armpits, buttocks, and pubic area next –

When it comes to these areas, you need to determine whether you want to remove all your hair or just thin it out.  A lot of men will opt to remove all hair on their backs, shoulders, chests, and buttocks by going to a salon for waxing.  The other option is to shave these areas.  Contrary to popular belief, shaving does not result in re-growth of hair that comes back thicker and darker than before.  As for the armpits and pubic areas, trimming and thinning out hair in these areas is a good idea.  Simply cleaning out some of the hair in the pubic area can give the appearance of increased length. Braun has come a long way putting a lot of effort in research and development in last 10 to 15 years and their products are coming off age. I have been using Braun series 7 shaver and would highly recommend it.

Other than shaving, waxing, and tweezing, what other options exist for hair removal for men?

Laser Hair Removal –

This method of hair removal involves pulsating light from a laser passing into the hair follicle.  This results in significant slowing of the growth of hair, and the results can last for a long time.  Several treatment sessions are required to get best results, but laser hair removal is not guaranteed to provide permanent hair removal.  Often, touch-ups are also required.  Laser hair removal is most successful on people with lighter skin and darker hair, because the laser pinpoints the color of the hair.  Fortunately, darker-skinned people