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Most people, men and women, will reach that point in their lives when they will shed hair like the trees in autumn.

Here are the facts to consider:

  • 40% of women will experience shedding by the time they reach 40
  • Hair loss from breakage is different from hair loss due to decreased hair growth
  • Androgenic hair loss, though more prevalent in men, will affect women as well
  • Protein deficiency, anemia and thyroid diseases can cause shedding
  • Alopecia areata is a common cause of shedding but will resolve on its own

Causes of Hair Loss

Shedding is not a result of a systemic or internal disease. Poor diet, although usually cited, is again, another factor that you can cross out.

Hair loss will probably be a predetermined genetic factor and a by-product of the overall aging process. If you have to blame someone for your hair loss, the genetic trait is passed on from your mother’s side of the family. Though everyone will experience a certain degree of hair loss, the severity will be determined by heredity.

For both men and women, hair thinning will most likely start when they reach the age of 30. Illnesses, emotional trauma, protein deprivation and hormonal changes like those in pregnancy, puberty and menopause will contribute to the hair thinning process.

How should one react to shedding? 60% of women are dealing with some degree of shedding whether in the present or in the future. It is unlikely for women to experience the same degree of balding as in men but, the thinning will be significant.

Female balding is usually described with the visibility of the scalp in some portions of the head. The balding usually concentrates on that area where one parts her hair.

Now the question is, if 60% of women are shedding hair then how come you don’t see bald women all around? This is because there are remedies for hair loss on women. This fact alone should relieve you of your worries in case you’re at that state now.

One factor that can aggravate hair loss is stress. Shedding hair causes a lot of stress
and, stressing about your shedding will cause you more hair loss. Decrease your stress by seeking action against your hair loss problem instead of just worrying about it.

You can start now by checking out these options and choosing one that will fit you best.

1.   Natural Remedies

If you are the type who wants to work in your kitchen then, rinsing and scalp massaging solutions might be your cup of tea.

Most of the effective natural shedding hair treatment formulations can be mixed and blended on the ordinary kitchen table. You will be surprised that most commercial hair regrowth products contain these simple ingredients as their main active ingredient.

The juice from garlic and onions are one of the most basic and theoretically effective scalp solutions that can revitalize hair follicles to new hair growth.

A lot of the essential oils like orange and lime are also very effective in preventing shedding and promoting new growth.

While the most common natural ingredients for hair regrowth have been used by so many and have been accepted as proven treatments, they do not work for all. There are cases when the shedding condition will require something more.

2.   Patch Up or Plump Up

If you are in an immediate desperate state that you want to see that visible portion of your scalp gone in a matter of minutes, you can use a product called Fullmore that you can spray on that hairless spot. It is a black tinting spray that temporarily thickens the hair and colors the bald spot making it literally invisible.

Another instant remedy is a product called Pantene AgeDefy which is a hair thickening treatment styling spray that will plump each hair fiber and hide the bald spot.

These two alternatives are purely cosmetic in nature. They won’t do anything about preventing further shedding nor will they start regrowing your hair. These products just hide the balding and shedding.

3.   Permanent Solution

Surgical hair transplant will permanently solve the problem on the bald spots by plugging in actual hair follicles from where you have better hair growth.

This permanent solution however, is not applicable to all women seeking this surgical remedy. Latest surveys of hair transplant led by Dr. Walter Unger, MD, state that only about 40% of women who have shown signs of hair loss are candidates for surgery.

Hair transplants will cost anywhere between $3,000 to $15,000. This surgical procedure solves the problem of balding but it does not create a total revitalization of the deep psychological distress of shedding.

Hair loss is not only about the physical and visual component. In most cases, the emotional trauma is linked with the stress of aging. It is only through actual hair regrowth can this aging slump be overcome.

4.   Oral Treatment

A doctor prescribed drug called Spironolactone can induce hair growth. However, this drug can cause birth defects and should not be given to women in their child bearing years.

50% of women taking this drug saw satisfying results.

5.   Complete Hair Regrowth Treatment

If you are seeking a complete approach to treat excessive shedding of hair then, you have to try Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women.

It works as a topical solution that deals with the shedding problem from the outside, directly to the hair follicles. It also takes care of the problem from the inside with a hair growth inducing capsule.

Provillus Hair Regrowth Treatment for Women especially addresses the woman’s biochemistry to treat female thinning hair and hair loss by revitalizing the hair follicles to make them active and efficient in hair growth.

The best thing about this product is that you can put it on top of the list of things you want to try out because it comes with a 90-day full refund. In case it doesn’t work for you, you can simple request for your money back and try other remedies. Now, you don’t have that advantage if you chose anything else.

Shedding hair for women should only be a temporary condition. Review the options presented over and over again before you make your final choice.


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