History Recreated: Inspired From the Fashion Icons of the 1950s

Old wine in a new bottle, is there any better way to decode the word ‘fashion’?

The penchant of recreating behind the time’s mode of styling has been observed time and again. The fashion became the fascination and the fascination has reached the pinnacle of craze and mania.

But if we say that the iconic styles are back in this decade would you believe us?

Well, even you must have tried one of those fashions we guarantee.

Let’s check out some one- time Vogues which are redone into the latest taste. Be ready to be in ‘awes and gasps’.

Cherry Red Lipsticks Back in Form:

Is there any woman who doesn’t own a cherry red lipstick?

Prevailing since the era of the trend setting ancient Egyptians, the cherry red Lipstick has returned to jazz up your dull soulless lips into an electrifying bombshell, ready to explode. Adorable to 50s classic examples, Elizabeth Arden, Marilyn Monroe to today’s sensations Madonna, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie even the rising star Emma Watson, the classy red color add up an ‘x’ factor to their eye-catching facial beautification.

With a charisma of its own, this cherry red lip color manifests your dazzling magnetism. It is for sure that you won’t be pushed aside after its appealing touch.

The Popular Schiaparelli (Strapless) gowns return:

Many of you have seen this kind of strapless gowns number of times but may not know it by name.

During the bygone times, it was generally found in the sophisticated parties where the higher class aristocratic ladies used to stroll upon the luxurious carpets, scintillating up the mood of the party. Introduced by Elsa Schiaparelli during 1930s and named after that, the gowns popularity reached at its height when beauty legends like Grace Kelly, Carole Lombard, Mae West tried and they were simply stunning in the gorgeous outfit.

And still, the dress retains its glory and glamour as we see stars like Lilly Collins, Dakota Fanning, Emma Roberts, Diana Argon and many other stars like to fit in it without hesitation.

The Tulle or Ballet skirt again:

Remember the fluffy circle skirts of the 1950s? The skirts which became the hallmark for any European girl? You guessed it right. The great circular tulle skirts are back again in the same style that used to be in the 50s. However, the ballet skirts were also a sensation back in the 1950s which made its way to the recent era again.

The present trend is, the shirt is tucked inside to give a fun, and more modern look.

The Vintage retro haircuts’ repeat performance:

If you are in love with early 50s vintage haircuts and simply feel ill-fated of not being a part of the vintage culture, don’t feel sorry for yourself, as those so called bygone retro hair styles are again performing consistently on the ramp. The Victory rolls of Marilyn Monroe, the OG style of Liz Taylor, the Audrey Hepburn hair cut, the snow white up-do unforgettable. These classics cannot be confined within a certain era.

As such these foregone trends revived with the shining stars like Madonna or Lisa Marie Presley or even the Kate Winslet. Come fall in love with ageless antiquity.

Gloves and Scarves:

Were these ever out of vogue? There are certain trends which become the need or the necessity of daily lifestyle. The gloves and scarves are the ideal examples but of course in a different mode. During or before the 50s, the gloves, usually made of silk and monochromatic in color, supposed to be extended far beyond your arms and was presumed to be matched with the color of your dress or gown you decided to wear.

In these days, the gloves are again employed in the almost same manner, but now no longer with amplified gowns. The scarves are no longer utilized to cover your head. But, instead, it is used as a neckerchief. These accessories have become the essential requirements. Thus, no question of their being out -of fashion!


Cardigan Sweaters; the timeless truth:

The vintage fashion also adds up the cardigan sweaters, which were supposed to be a part of the trendy winter look.

The front open part not only makes it easier for the ladies to access the garb but also renders a classy and stylish look even during the chilly winters.

Undoubtedly, the modern ladies are welcoming this elegant look.  The cardigan style has find its way back to this era and it is highly appreciated.

Cat-eye Is Sexy:

Cat-eye had been ruling over the mid-1900s and there is no way one can deny is sexiness. But it was gradually replaced with new entries. But a classic frame can never lose its importance. All the iconic ladies of 1950s loved owning a cat-eye and even today, the women are crazy about a perfect cat-eye.

Even the modern day women are in love with the sexy cat eyes. Now every lady owns a cat-eye. Have a look:

The trend setting 50s are here again to rock your life. Come girls; let us live in the 50s classy way!!!


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