Elevated Beds For Pets. How are they different?

Designed and manufactured by an Australian company, with the specific intention of keeping your dog cool, the inspiration for the Coolaroo dog bed was the extreme heat which is typical in the country during certain months of the year.

The innovative design of the patented knitted, polyester fabric, which is used in every Coolaroo dog bed, allows the material to breathe and keep well ventilated by allowing the air to pass through its surface. In addition, the fabric is designed to reflect the heat of the sun, rather than absorb it, and is UV treated to help prevent fading.

To enhance the cooling effect of the fabric, a elevated dog bed is elevated off the ground, which allows air to circulate around it entirely. This will prove way more effective at keeping your dog cool than if he were to lie directly on the ground.

Bear in mind also, that during the cooler months, a elevated dog bed will provide your dog with a comfortable place to relax which will keep him off the cold or damp ground. A further benefit of having a raised bed is that if your dog suffers with arthritis, aching joints or skin irritations, this will help to greatly reduce pressure on the affected areas of his body.

Whatever type of dog you have, a Coolaroo dog bed is the perfect solution for helping him stay cool and comfortable indoors or outdoors when the hot and humid weather sets in.

Extremely affordable, Coolaroo dog beds are a great choice for any dog. They’re quickly and easy assembled at home, so your dog can start enjoying some quality leisure time with the minimum of delay.

As well as keeping your dog cool, the fabric of a Coolaroo dog bed is specially designed to resist fleas, mites, mold and mildew. Unlike many traditional dog beds, which require regular brushing, washing and treating with pesticides, the low-maintenance Coolaroo dog bed is a breeze to keep clean and pest-free, requiring no more than a quick wash, or hose down, when necessary. The fact that its quick drying will keep your dog happy, as he wont have to wait long before he can get back on it again!

Its reassuring to know too, that in addition to all the previously mentioned benefits of the fabric, its incredibly strong and durable as are the frames of the bed, which are made from either powder-coated, lightweight steel, or powder-coated lightweight aluminum. Although both types are impressively sturdy, the aluminum beds are slightly more heavy-duty.