Laptop computers are becoming more and more popular as people seek the versatility of being able to work, watch, game or just surf on the move. At you will find a great selection of laptops designed specifically for this purpose. Dell PC is one of the major computer builders and suppliers since the rage caught on over 20 years ago and has built up a tried and trusted brand. Their laptops are known for their reliability and the company for its ability to deliver the goods.

Dell PC offers a full range of laptops ranging from entry level right up to all singing and dancing laptops that can compete in the harshest of office environments. They use all the latest components and technology so they are at the forefront of computer advances.

If you browse to you will see that the laptops they supply run the latest Genuine Windows7® Home Premium (64 bit) so your operating system will get the best out of the up to date technology. You will notice how each and every one of the range looks sleek and stylish; they are designed to be mobile so you will find them light to carry.

All the laptops use Intel processors, one of the most reliable processors in the computer world. They also come with the essential wireless capability to connect you to the internet and your emails. Some of the models have HD screens so your screen is as good as any top range HD television.

Laptops, like their desktop counterparts, can be vulnerable to attack from viruses, malware and spyware so it essential that whatever laptop you buy contains the latest software to protect you against these attacks. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of one of these attacks will know how inconvenient it can be. All Dell PC’s come with an anti-virus package supplied by one of the world’s leading anti-virus software companies, MCAFEE.

The price range of these laptops is between £299 and £899 with some of the models available offering savings of between £140 and over £500. Add to this free guaranteed 2 day delivery on some of the laptops and you will not go far wrong when you purchase your new laptop at

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