Dark Skin – Get Your Makeup Tips Here and feel exotic

Many people think women with dark skin look exotic and with the right make-up you can be as glamorous as some of the Hollywood celebrities like Beyonce and Halle Berry who look very beautiful with their dark skin.

For those of you who have dark skin and want to gain some attention use  natural makeup with some snippets below:

Face Foundation

Dark skin is prone to breakouts and  this gives a reason for blackheads to pop on your skin leaving it lifeless. Use a light formulated foundation to freshen up your skin tone. If your skin is oily and shiny, choose a foundation color which is slightly darker than your skin color, remember  colors which are too bright will make your skin look uneven.

Eye shadow

To have your natural beauty highlighted a matching color for your eye shadow is a must. Ladies and girls with dark skin will usually have black or dark brown eyes. For your beautiful eyes you should select colors such as almond, burgundy-brown, copper and bronze. These colors go very well with  dark skin tone. For your daily makeup, choose eye shadow which has a little shimmer so the effect of your eye color is highlighted. Some ladies prefer matte eye shadow, use a wet brush first and then apply it in your eye for maximum intensity.


Cheeks are cute part of your face so select orange, peach or purplish brown for your blush-on.  If you slightly sweep bronzer on your cheekbones, nose and forehead it will help your skin to glow and look very exotic.


The last and the most important part of your face is lips. Lips can make or break your make up so make sure to select a toffee-colored, golden brown or nude color lip gloss that matches your skin tone.

With all the tips above you are now ready to rock the party!!