Snippets.Org – Quality Knowledge For Online Shopping Experience

Snippets.Org has a long history of being on world wide web. Started with intent to share free information on internet this site was all about sharing code snippets amongst the development community. Launched in late 1990 snippets was for the geeks who would sit on a computer churn out lines of code which was the focal point of this new 21 century millennium internet.

The definition of a snippet is “small piece of information” or “a brief and precise extract”. The meaning in other words is just about enough information which can make you understand the whole story. Snippets can be compared to a trailer of a movie. A trailer has enough information and pointers which can help you make a decision if you would like to spend 2 hours for this movie.

Rich snippets was a term introduced by Google in 2009 May 12th using a similar concept of movie trailer. No one has better understood a buyer on internet then google, an algorithm was created to read important information on a web page and present in google searches in form of snippets which was enough for a consumer to make a decision if they would like to visit that page or not.

Snippets.Org has evolved from an idea of sharing information starting with code and then about coupons and deals available on internet. We have come a long way over these years and we look to providing you with quality information for your online shopping experience.