Facts About Best Portable Speaker In Market

Portable Bluetooth speaker brought to us by anchor this is the sound core. Let us check it out inside the box you’ll find your speaker a welcome guide a client satisfaction card with a micro USB charging cable that you can use to charge your speaker.
Looking at the specifications you have the ability to charge this device using a up to a 1 amp charger. It has two speakers of 3 watts each and it really is very lightweight only 12.9 ounces.
Dimensions are below:
6.5 inches by 1.8 x 2.1 inches
It has a range of 66 feet from a Bluetooth perspective. Anchors spent a lot of time designing this speaker and claims
that there’s less than 1% harmonic distortion from playback and it also features this spiral based technology
that while they’ve kept the speakers small it has this technology that’s really supposed to enhance the base
coming from the speaker. You will get 24 hours of playback and that is roughly about five hundred songs that you’ll be able to play. As we saw by the specs this is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible which is going to give you roughly 66 feet of distance between your cell phone and the speaker itself.
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Some Snippets on Anker Sound Core:

  • Anker believes great music should not be cut by short battery life.
  • Stereo sound delivered with real presence
  • A crisp and a very tightly knit base response.
  • Enhanced clarity and crisp sound.
  • To round it off it uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect with all devices.