Aquariums For all, What suits you and your family before you make a decision to buy one.

If you’re looking for a designer aquarium for your home, you may like to take a look at the range of Fluval aquariums, which is as extensive as it is impressive.

Constructed from contemporary and stylish, high-quality glass, Fluval aquariums will create a tranquil and eye-catching feature in any room, combining natural textures with vivid colors and shimmering light.

With designs and sizes to suit pretty much any space, and any budget, you’re sure to find an aquarium to suit your requirements within the Fluval aquariums range.  However, as the type of aquarium you choose will very much depend on the layout and décor of your home, we hope that the following reviews will help you to decide whether or not a product from the Fluval aquariums range is suitable for you.

We have used a combination of facts provided by the manufacturer, together with summaries of genuine customer feedback and snippets, to ensure that you have the most comprehensive and reliable information at your fingertips to guide and help you buy aquarium of your choice.

Elite and Marina (Aquarium for Kids, Glass and Plastic Models )

The glass Elite and Marina aquarium kits are a good choice for beginners or experienced aquarium keepers alike.  With their 35 liter capacity, these aquariums have cold water or tropical options as this aquarium is small when the fish ages, they will need to be moved to a larger environment. It is simple to set-up and maintain, these Fluval aquariums come with everything you need to get you started except the fish!

To suit younger children, the plastic Marina Cool aquarium is available as a 14 or 21 liter version, with a choice of two designs, and two colors blue or pink to choose from. Elite and Marina unit includes an internal filter, gravel and plastic plants.

These modern, child-friendly aquariums have a large frontal viewing area, which enables children to easily keep an eye on the progress of their fish. To convert the Marina Cool aquarium into an environment suitable for tropical fish, a Marina Led light, and a compact heater are available separately.

Edge Model (Aquarium as a center piece attraction for your Living Room)

The models in the Edge range of aquariums feature an innovative 3D-cube design, made entirely of glass, to allow 360 degree viewing. To further enhance the visual impact of Edge aquariums, the glass cover of the aquarium allows filling right up to the brim of the unit, giving an illusion similar to that of an infinity pool.


The semi-sealed cover helps to keep evaporation to a minimum, and a concealed, 3-stage filtration system allows for chemical, biological and mechanical filtration. This ensures the cleanest and healthiest of environments for the fish. Regardless of the capacity, both models take up the same area of tabletop space, as the larger design gains its extra capacity in height, as opposed to width.

The edge comes with a low-voltage lighting system and bulbs, these aquariums are available in two sizes 23 liters and 46 liters – and in three color choices matte black, burnt orange or pewter.


Nano Model (Aquarium for small Places or studio apartments and desktops)

As the name Nano suggests, these aquariums are ideal for small freshwater creatures, because of their compact size.  The Nano range of Fluval aquariums includes the Chi, the Ebi Shrimp kit, the Flora kit, and the Spec desktop models. Available in 19 and 25 liter capacities, the Chi aquarium is suitable for no more than eight to twelve small fish. The 30 liter Ebi model which comes complete with a kit to get you started is the perfect home for shrimp (in fact, the Japanese word for shrimp is Ebi!).

The Flora aquarium kit includes everything you need to create a lush aquatic plant environment, thanks to a special substrate and a pressurized Nano CO2 unit to help maintain long-term plant health.

Finally, the smallest aquarium in the Nano range is the Spec desktop model, which is perfect for giving a home to a small number of snails or shrimps only, due to its very compact 7.6 liter capacity.

For inexperienced aquarium keepers, a model from the range of Nano Fluval aquariums would be a great aquarium to start with.


Vicenza Model (Aquarium for Flat Walls, Stunning Views)

The attractive, bow-fronted design of Vicenza aquariums will give depth and dimension to flat walls, creating a stunning focal point.


In a choice of two capacities 180 and 260 liters these models come complete with coordinating cabinets, an external filter, a heater, a lighting system, bulbs. The specially made Vicenza cabinets are designed to completely contrast with, and enhance, the range of Vicenza aquariums.

With two reversible doors, you have the flexibility of choosing the ideal color combination to match the decor of your home.  The cabinets feature flush-fitting doors which open with an easy-to-operate, push-release system.


Roma Aquariums (Start Up Aquarium)

The modern rectangular designs in the Roma range feature simple, but stylish, lines. Available in four sizes 90, 125, 200 and 240 liter capacities Roma aquarium is simple to set up comes fully equipped with all accessories. You can buy this aquarium individually or with a coordinating cabinet, this aquarium fits perfectly into the contemporary surroundings of any house.




Osaka Model (Aquarium To Boast Your Living Room)

An open-topped, seamless, glass aquarium, with carefully rounded corners, the design of the Osaka allows for an amazing view of the interior of the aquarium.  This is further accentuated by the overhead light fitting which intensifies the colors and the movement within the tank.

With a capacity of 155 liters, the Osaka aquarium is the perfect environment for fish and plant life alike, and the open top allows plants to grow and flower up and over the top of the rim if desired.  The external filter can be tucked away inside the cabinet, which has plenty of storage space.

Studio Model (Aquarium For Studio Apartments)

In a choice of two capacities 125 and 180 liters Studio aquariums come supplied with fully coordinating glossy black cabinets, featuring brushed aluminum trim, an overhead light, and sliding glass covers across the open top to help minimize condensation.

Thoroughly modern in design, the streamlined Studio aquariums typify elegant minimalism. These aquariums come complete with a lighting unit, fluorescent bulbs, an external filter, a heater, and an LCD thermometer. If required, the external filter can be easily stored away in the cabinet.


Venezia Model ( Aquarium to Light Up a Corner)

Designed especially for corners, these smart, 190 liter, aquariums bring light, color and movement to dull and lifeless spaces. The elegant curved glass front of the Venezia aquarium allows uninterrupted vision to the interior of the tank, and the fish and plant life within.  The lighting unit incorporates powerful T5 lights, which help to encourage plant growth, as well as providing illumination for the aquarium.




Available individually, or with a coordinating cabinet, the Venezia aquarium is supplied with a T5 Glo lighting unit, 2 fluorescent bulbs (Power Glo T5 and Life Glo T5), a mirrored M series 200w heater, 205 External Filter. As with other models, the external filter and associated cables can be stored out of view in the cabinet.

All Glass Aquarium AAG55054 Pine Cabinet, 54ct

by All Glass Aquariums [Allen's Bookshop]
Price: - - - -


Profile Model ( Aquarium for Larger Spaces)

If you really want to make a statement, a Profile aquarium could be the model for your home.   Featuring extra-deep dimensions and generous capacities of 275 and 323 liters, a Profile aquarium will offer the enthusiast full creative license to build and develop an aquarium which delivers nothing less than a truly breathtaking display.



With a choice of two contemporary cabinet finishes Textured Black and Stainless Steel with aluminum trim, the profile range incorporates the aquarium, the canopy and the cabinet all into one combined unit, creating an imposing aquarium set which fills larger spaces beautifully.  However, it should be noted that the doors of the cabinet are located at the side, so this aquarium set is not suitable for placement within any space which would restrict the opening of the doors; for example, a narrow alcove.

PROFILE aquariums are supplied with an external filter, a heater, 4 x T5 39w light bulbs.  A full range of accessories, consumables and aquarium furniture for all Fluval aquariums, is available separately for online purchase of aquarium.


Please bear in mind that Fluval aquarium cabinets have been specially designed to safely withstand the weight of the solid, all-glass, water-filled Fluval aquariums.

Accessories Included with each Aquarium:

The Edge, Vicenza, Roma, Studio, Venezia, Profile, Elite and Marina aquariums come with, Nutrafin brand of water conditioner, which turns tap water into a safe place for fish to swim, Nutrafin Biological Supplement and Fish food.

Some of the aquariums also have a marina digital thermometer included for temperature control. Please refer to the set up guide for the total list of accessories included.